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IngilizceTürkç (by Lingorank)

Improve your English vocabulary, anywhere

IngilizceTürkç is an open dictionary developed by . Our goal is to to improve your English vocabulary with a simple, fast and easy to use website.

IngilizceTürkç uses Wordnet, an open lexical database created in the Cognitive Science Laboratory of Princeton University. The database contains more than 150.000 words. For turkish translations we use Open Multilingual Wordnet, developed by the NTU Computational Linguistics Lab.

IngilizceTürkç is a mobile ready website, so you don't have to download any app. We are trying to make this site as faster as possible.

Mobile ready website

You can look up the meaning of any english word and check how it is pronounced by listening to pieces of interesting Youtube videos where they appear.

IngilizceTürkç offers to students a Vocabulary Manager. We think that this tool can be really useful. You will surely want to take notes of those words that are hard to learn or memorize, no matter when or where you found them, or maybe you just simply want to type them in.

Using the Vocabulary Manager you can manage different lists: words that I must learn, words that need to be reviewed, etc., search, filter and sort them.

We are working on new features to make IngilizceTürkç even more useful for students:

- "Flashcards": to help students memorize words, meanings and translations.

- "Building Sentences" exercises, to help people to understand how to use words in real sentences.

- Look up of several words at a time: to make easier to use the dictionary when reading large texts.

- Look up phrasal verbs, idioms, common expresions, acronyms.

- Text analysis: to help students to extract interesting vocabulary from texts and articles and classify each word according to its level of difficulty.

... and more...